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Phul Phunk Magic

3 Aug

Okay, I’ve pimped out my friend Mitchel’s music before. It’s not a secret, he’s a kick ass electronica/techno/break/house/whateverthefuckyouwanttohear mix master. So why I am bringing this up again? He just released one of his best mixes yet. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of electronica or house music, I am willing to bet you will like this. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ass over to http://www.phulphunk.com and download this FREE awesomeness now. If you like what you hear, pass it on. It’s called social networking people!

Are you too lazy to type in the address to the site? Perfect! I have a link just for you!

DJ Wizzo: Bang.In.The.Disco


Bringing the Phunk

8 Mar

Do you like music? Do you like glowsticks? Do you like your music mixed with glowsticks? Then I have just the website for you! My good friend, Mitchel (AKA DJ Wizzo) has just launched a brand spanking new blog/website devoted to the best house, hardhouse, dubstep, breakbeats and everything in-between. It’s loaded with free mixes from local, regional, and national DJ’s. So, do yourself and your ears a huge favor. Log on, click away, and enjoy some truly great beats.


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