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7 Jan

I’ve been all over the place lately. I am trying my best to win at the internets. It’s a rough game, folks. Anyway, please to enjoy the following links. My fingers worked really hard on them.

This Week At Mamapop:

Tuesday’s Post: HIMYM Season Six Recap: Episode 13 “Bad News”

Wednesday’s Post: Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Stick A Fork In It

Thursday’s Post: Top SNL Characters You’d Want To Kick It With

This Week At Draft Day Suit:

Thursday’s Post: Shocker Of The Day: Titans To Cut Vince Young

This Week @ MamaPop

25 Jun

In the interest of pure and blatant self promotion, I will be posting the links to my weekly articles over at MamaPop. This is a community service just for you. You can thank me by actually clicking on the links and reading my posts. Seriously, do I have to beg? Much like TLC, I ain’t too proud. So, please, please, please! Your support means the world to me. It helps my ego button get the stroking it needs. Yes, I just said stroke.

Tuesday’s post can be found here: Crazy Ladies With Money – What Happens When They Die?

Thursday’s post can be found here: “Jersey Shore’s” The Situation Has Another Job


15 Jun

So, for once, my insanity has actually paid off for me. Today, I feel like that fat kid who finally got picked first for the dodgeball team. Could this be a trap? Maybe. Anyway, say hello to the newest writer for MamaPop! Now you have not one, not two, but three whole places to read the messed up shit that runs through my mind. If you are not familiar with MamaPop, get your asses over there now. They cover all the pop culture news and celebrity gossip you would ever need. The best part? You get to read some great stuff from some very talented writers all wrapped up in one tiny little nugget.

Click on the shiny MamaPop badge to be magically whisked away through the internets to the MamaPop website. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Click HERE for my first post. Click a lot. Click because you love me. Click because you hate me. Just fucking click.

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Click, click, click, click, click, clit, click, click, click. (Which one is not like the others?)

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