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And Elsewhere

24 Dec

If you are like me, you’ll be looking for things to do this holiday weekend that don’t include interacting with people and forced smiles with a side of awkward hugs. Lucky for you, I have some pretty damned cool links for you to click on and subsequently read. So, when grandma comes in for that open mouth kiss, just remember you could be reading my posts over at MamaPop and Draft Day Suit! Anyway, a very happy holidays to all of the internets. I hope that nobody gets food poisoning or catches on fire this year.

This week @ MamaPop:

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Wednesday’s Post: Anne Hathaway And Her Boyfriend Shacking Up?

Thursday’s Post: A Guide To Holiday Programming For The Non-Holiday Folks

This Week @ Draft Day Suit:

Friday’s Post: NBA Games Are Pretty Awesome? Who Knew?


Who Would You?

21 Sep


As many of you know, I love to take people’s portraits. I don’t know what the allure is, but getting up in someone’s grill and snapping the perfect image of them is ultimately satisfying. Is it because a picture truly is worth a thousand words? Maybe. Or maybe, just maybe, the camera doesn’t lie. Deep thoughts for a Monday morning, huh? So to lighten the mood, I will ask you one simple question. If you could interview and photograph one celebrity, who would it be? I would, without a question, go with Tina Fey. Or maybe, Abraham Lincoln? Or maybe, Chelsea Handler? Too many to choose from. I guess it would be harder than I thought to decide on this one. I am open for suggestions!

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