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And Elsewhere

10 Dec

I’ve been a busy internet bee this week. After a few weeks off the radar, I am back in action full force. So, get to clicking and read away!

This week at MamaPop:

Tuesday’s Post: HIMYM Season Six Recap: Episode 11 “The Mermaid Theory”

Thursday’s Post: Mashup Of The Year? The Notorious XX

Friday’s Post: Want To Ride Unicorns With Robert Pattinson? That’ll Cost You $80K

This week at Draft Day Suit:

Wednesday’s Post: Zack Greinke And Trade Rumors Go Together Like Peas And Carrots

Thursday’s Post: Matt Cassel Has Appendectomy, Further Proof God Hates Kansas City


And Elsewhere

12 Nov

Well, another week has flown by. As usual, I have been super busy whoring myself all over the internets for your reading pleasure. Don’t believe me? I have proof!

This week at MamaPop:

Tuesday’s Post: HIMYM Season Six Recap: Episode 8 “Natural History”

Thursday’s Post: ANTM Cycle 15 Recap: Episode 10 “Kyle Hagler”

This week at Draft Day Suit:

Friday’s Post: Zack Greinke To The Blue Jays? Say It Ain’t So!

And Elsewhere

15 Oct

I can no longer call this weekly post “This Week @ MamaPop”. Why, you ask? Well, simple. I am an internet whore. I spread my lovin’ to as much of the internets as I can. Now that the good folks at Draft Day Suit have brought me on to write insane scribblings, I now have not one, not two, but four places to spread my ridiculousness. But as usual, I am a giver. So, with out further procrastination, I give you my links from around the interwebs from this week. Please enjoy responsibly. And by “responsibly” I mean click the hell out of these links! What? I already warned you about my whore-ish ways. Now, what are you waiting for? Get to clicking!

This week @ MamaPop:

Monday’s Post: This Just In: Louis C.K. Is A Funny Man

Tuesday’s Post: HIMYM Season Six Recap: Episode 4 “Subway Wars”

Thursday’s Post: ANTM Cycle 15 Recap: Episode 6 “Patrick Demarchelier”



This week at Draft Day Suit:

Monday’s Post: Why I Love….The Royals

Thursday’s Post: Good News For The Yankees

A Toot Of My Own Horn: The Draft Day Suit Edition

12 Oct

I have known this for about a week now, but have been slacking on making the announcement. The fine folks over at Draft Day Suit have invited me to come write with them and make a complete jackass out of myself all over the internets. I am super honored and excited to share my ideas with the crew at Draft Day Suit and educate the world-wide web about just how great the Kansas City sports scene truly is. So, be on the lookout for my weekly post every Thursday. As usual, I will totally provide you the links! Such a giver, I know.

What’s that? You want the link to my first ever post at Draft Day Suit? Well, you’re in luck! Click away!

“Why I Love….The Royals”

And In That Moment, My Mind Was Free

1 Sep

As I threw the tiny plastic ball towards him, I could see the setting sun laced with dark clouds in the Western sky. Brilliant oranges and reds peered through each and every crevice in which these enormous masses of vapor could not cover.  A gentle breeze cooled my skin as it passed us by. For a moment, time had stopped. I was transfixed and quickly ushered to another realm of reality. I am not sure just how much time had gone by, but judging from the inflection of his impatient response, I am sure it had been a while.

“Strike One!”, he yelled followed by a mischievous giggle.

That was the last thing that I heard. In that few minutes we played in the front yard, the real world no longer existed. I’m sure he said a bevy of things during our time together, but my mind would not allow me to process them. I watched him scamper about the yard as if he were some kind of wild animal just set free from a life in captivity.

Most days, the world does nothing but create confusion and angst. It tries to ruin your soul and eliminate the hopes built up in your mind. But on that day, it was just me and my son. Nothing else matter, but him, that ball, and that bat. For once, my vision was clear. And in that moment, my mind was free.

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