Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

30 Oct

I know you have all heard it before. You know, the little quip your mother, grandfather, and random strangers like to blurt out when you seem down or in a super shitty mood. “Laughter is the best medicine!” the proclaim in an almost all too calming and satisfying voice. Excuse me for raining on everyone’s parade here, but isn’t medicine something you take when you are ill? I mean, the last time I tried to “laugh” the flu virus away, it didn’t work out too well for me. To me, this little saying has it all wrong. Why should we wait for some type of sickness or depression to laugh? A lot of us go through our day-to-day lives infested with hatred and negativity. I, for one, am just as guilty as the next. There used to be a time where I wouldn’t let an hour go by without cracking a joke or making some kind of silly sound to get a rise out of the person next to me. We get caught up in the craziness of life and forget the true essential things that make us human beings. Laughter, whether you believe it or not, is a biological necessity. Sure, it may not be as important as air, shelter, or food, but I am willing to bet it is or should be in the top ten basic functions of life. Why do you think babies laugh? Do you really think they think you are funny? No. They laugh because it is entrenched in their DNA. They laugh because somewhere deep in their cerebellum, something tells them that this little action will make them feel good. So today, on this gloomy, cloudy, and cold late October day, let’s try something different. Let’s not use laughter solely for medicinal purposes. Let’s use laughter for what it is really intended for. To keep us happy. To brighten our outlook. Laughter shouldn’t be used to treat our conditions, it should be used to prevent them.  After all, what else did your mother teach you? Yep, that’s right. Laughter may not be the best medicine, but for all intents and purposes, it is very contagious. And I for one, am willing to catch a bad case of the giggles.


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