Now Let the Music Play, Sinners.

2 Oct


Well, it’s Friday morning and my brain is officially fried. In all actuality, I have nothing of substance left to offer you or society today. So, I am going to make things easy on all of our squirrel sized cerebellums. Today folks, we are going to concentrate on what makes us all happy. Something that we all want, need, and crave. I am not talking about shopping, chocolate, or an exquisite burrito from Chipotle. No, no, that would be too easy. I am talking about something much deeper. Something that is imprinted deep, deep down in our DNA. Something so very crucial and vital, our whole species depends on it. Yes folks, I am talking about the need, the want, the desire to make sexy time. In fact, I am going to make it easier for you to go out this weekend and find yourself some action. No, I am not going to buy any prostitutes. I am way too broke for that. We are in a recession remember? Today people, I am going to go above and beyond. Behold, the Mixtape! Yes, that’s right. The single most effective way to get your virginal self laid down upon a bed a roses. You don’t even have to do any of the work like we used to have to do back in the day. No holding down the pause button on your boombox until the next song came on the radio. No holding one boombox up to another to record something because you were too broke to get one of those fancy dual cassette tape decks. After many, many years of research, (and by research I mean me sitting in a dark room by myself with nothing but a radio and my tears) I have compiled a master list. Now, go out and use this list for some goody, goody and some sweet, sweet evil.  I mean, we owe it to humanity, right?

1) Let’s Get it On- Marvin Gaye

2) Glycerine- Bush

3) All I Wanna Do- Jamie Lidell

4) Nobody- Keith Sweat

5) Turn Me On- Norah Jones

6)It Seems Like You’re Ready- R.Kelly

7) Possession- Sarah McLaughlin

8) No One- Alicia Keys

9) That’s the Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson

10) Closer- Nine Inch Nails

11) That’s What It’s Made For- Usher

12) Before I Let You Go- Blackstreet

13) Red Light Special- TLC

14) Wicked Game- Chris Isaak

15) Sexual Healing- Marvin Gaye


One Response to “Now Let the Music Play, Sinners.”

  1. Christina Baldwin October 7, 2009 at 5:25 pm #

    okay..great picks! Have to add to…
    1. Freddy Jackson–You are my Lady
    2.Freddy Jackson–Rock me Tonight
    3. Lionel Richie–Truly
    4. Al Jareau–We’re in this Love Together
    5. Tesla-Love will find a Way
    6. Air Supply–Lost in Love
    7. Foreigner–Waiting for a girl Like you.
    8. Berlin–Take my Breath Away
    9. Lionel Richie/Diana Ross–Endless Love
    10. Love theme from St. Elmo’s fire.
    11. It might be you–love theme from Tootsie

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