Halt, in the Name of Mini Snickers!

29 Sep

The end of September is nearing and soon October will be here. This can mean only one thing. Halloween is creeping up on us. This fact brings me to my deep thought for today. Why don’t kids get arrested for impersonating an officer when they dress up as the boys in blue on Halloween? I mean, those little bastards are out there roaming the streets with guns and handcuffs, protecting the innocent, and upholding the law all while gathering enough candy to feed a small nation. If I tried to do this on any other day of the year, I would be thrown in jail! It’s not fair. Not fair at all, I tell you. Why am I so bitter about this, you ask? I have no clue. Maybe because there is sweet, luscious candy involved. I always seem to get overly emotional when sugar is brought into any equation. Anyway, ponder this thought for today. I know it was already in the back of your mind in the first place.


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