Somewhere Over the Rainbow

24 Sep

It’s amazing how a movie, song, smell, or photograph can flood your mind with memories. Some of these memories are stuffed so far back in your crazy little mind, you didn’t even know they still existed. Not all the memories trapped inside you want to remember, but I am willing to bet the 99% that are sparked by one of the aforementioned categories, are awesome and beautiful by nature. Last night, I had the honor of accompanying my wife, son, and my sister to a one night only viewing of The Wizard of Oz on the big screen. We arrived at the theater approximately 30 minutes before the feature presentation and upon walking into the vast auditorium, I was instantly transported back to my childhood. Nearly every single seat in the theater was already occupied by young and old respectively. As I am trying to make it to our seats, not so conveniently located right smack in the front row, I see little girls dressed up as Dorothy, one man with sliver face paint somewhat resembling the Tin Man, and a fairly large woman in a wheelchair holding what I think may or may not have been a real live version of Toto. After finally making it to my seat, I overhear a weary elderly man telling his son and grandson his story about how he was at the 1939 opening night of the very first showing of The Wizard of Oz. At that very moment, I realized that this was not going to be an ordinary night. Suddenly, it’s 7:00pm. The theater is jammed pack with people and there is a very distinct level of excitement building up in my mind. The very same feeling I had as a child when my mother would turn on the television and get my little sister and I to calm down enough to actually sit through the once a year special broadcast of this excellent film. I glance over to my left to see my wife, son, and sister’s eyes glued to the screen. Lost in my own memories, I failed to realize the movie had even begun. The movie, without any better words to describe it, was fantastically magical. The beauty of the whole thing was I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. From the constant chuckles from the crowd to my son standing up with his hands up in the air dancing like he was part of the movie, I knew this night would be one to remember forever. The movie ended almost as fast as the night begun. A roar of applause rolled through the crowd as if this was the first time anyone in the theater had seen this magnificent film. As we walked out to the car giddy with delight, my son raises his hands in the air and proudly screams into the night “THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!”. I don’t know about my wife or my sister, but at that moment, I couldn’t agree more with the thoughts and sentiment of my 3 and a half year old son. Like I said before, it was just an honor to be there.


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