Who Would You?

21 Sep


As many of you know, I love to take people’s portraits. I don’t know what the allure is, but getting up in someone’s grill and snapping the perfect image of them is ultimately satisfying. Is it because a picture truly is worth a thousand words? Maybe. Or maybe, just maybe, the camera doesn’t lie. Deep thoughts for a Monday morning, huh? So to lighten the mood, I will ask you one simple question. If you could interview and photograph one celebrity, who would it be? I would, without a question, go with Tina Fey. Or maybe, Abraham Lincoln? Or maybe, Chelsea Handler? Too many to choose from. I guess it would be harder than I thought to decide on this one. I am open for suggestions!


One Response to “Who Would You?”

  1. Paige September 21, 2009 at 9:25 pm #

    Digging Abe in the wife beater!

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